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Cheyanne Mumphrey lives to lead

01/14/2013, 10:58pm PST
By Jeff Pack

VMHS girls goalie plans to play soccer at Northern Arizona University next year

Vista Murrieta goalkeeper Cheyanne Mumphrey has been difficult to score on this season, recording shutouts in half of her games.

— Cheyanne Mumphrey values leadership. Whether it is her work during school hours with Vista Murrieta High School’s Associated Student Body or after hours as goalkeeper for the Broncos’ varsity girls soccer team, Mumphrey relishes taking the lead.

In eight games for the Broncos (4-3-1, 0-2) this season, Mumphrey has 17 saves and has shut out her opponent in half of the games she’s been in the net.

The 5-foot, 8-inch Mumphrey will head to Northern Arizona University — chosen over Swarthmore College and Elmira College — next fall, something she’s worked hard to accomplish since making the switch to goalkeeper five years ago.

“I chose NAU because when I went to their campus it had everything I was looking for: nice community, safe environment, beautiful campus,” she said. “(The school) had my major and the opportunity to play Division I collegiate soccer, it was out-of-state, and the weather is amazing.”

Her senior season will be a culmination of an 11-year soccer career that started in Torrance, consisted of play in AYSO, two years with FC Murrieta, two years with Arsenal, two years with Temecula Hawks, and finishing with SC Blues.

Q: When you started playing, how long until you found your talent for goalkeeping?

A: I started playing soccer as a goal-scoring forward and attacking midfielder so when I switched to goalkeeper five years ago it was a shock to everyone. The only reason I switched positions is because of Coach Stanley Schram, my coach for FC Murrieta. Our team was in need of a goalkeeper, so coach tested all the girls on the team to see who would be the best fit for our goalie. Of course I didn’t think that I would end up playing goalie, but it turned out that Coach Stanley told my dad that I had great hands-and-eye- coordination. My dad convinced me because he said I would get to wear a different uniform than the other girls and that I could wear whatever I wanted.

Q: What is your favorite memory of playing soccer?

A: My favorite memory is when I was on the Sting Rays at age 9 and we went to the championship against the Killer Bees. It was my first championship game and I was playing forward. We ended up losing

1-0 and ever since then I have had a strong dislike for any team with the colors yellow and black. Coach Jon was going crazy and he even cried at the end so my dad, the assistant coach, had to give the game speech to a bunch of heartbroken girls. The thing I like most about that game, though, was the passion and fun involved in that historic moment in my soccer career.

Q: Favorite game you’ve been a part of?

A: My favorite game I’ve been a part of would have to be when I played for SC Blues U18 ECNL (Elite Clubs National League) under Matt and Greg Baker against Slammers G94 ECNL in the Surf Cup Championship this past November. It was my first championship win and it was the most intense and high-pressured game that I have ever been a part of. Both teams were phenomenal and I just enjoyed every second being on the field with the girls.

Q: What is it about goalkeeping that you enjoy?

A: I enjoy the mental strength and focus goalkeepers must have during a game. It’s more than just blocking goals — it’s about recognizing your opponent’s strategies and disadvantages and utilizing that information to your team’s advantage.

Q: What is your strength as a goalkeeper?

A: My understanding for the game. I believe that goalkeepers are soccer players first, then goalkeepers, meaning that being able to play or understand the other positions on the field is extremely important. By using this knowledge I am able to communicate with the team in certain times of the game and use my vocal ability to keep the momentum of the game going.

Q: You mention that you paint and draw, which leads me to believe you are a creative soul, how does soccer play into that part of your personality?

A: Soccer is a creative sport and I love the unexpected plays that come with the game. It’s very rare you see two teams play the same way against each other and that’s why soccer allows me to express my creativity.

Q: You are active in ASB, which tells me you’re a leader. Is that an important factor in being a good goalkeeper?

A: Leadership is one of the most important aspects of being a goalkeeper because you must be able to organize your defense and control the momentum of the game, and by doing so you gain trust with your teammates.

Q: What’s difficult about being a leader, establishing yourself as a leader on the pitch?

A: Being a leader is difficult because you are leading people with their own individual mind-sets and goals. To be a leader you must find the most common goal and convince everyone to strive for it in unison.

Cheyanne Mumphrey

Favorite sport to watch on TV: European Men’s Soccer

Favorite team: Manchester United

Favorite movie: Any Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan movie

Listening to: Alternative, pop and rap

Favorite athletes: Edwin Van Der Sar and Wayne Rooney

Last movie attended: “Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part 2”

Must-see TV: “Grimm,” “Once Upon A Time,”

“Walking Dead”

Recommended reading: “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens and the Divergent series of books by Veronica Roth

Favorite restaurant: Italian restaurants

Social network: Facebook and Instagram

Hobbies: Playing soccer, leadership activities with ASB, reading, drawing and painting

Future plans: Attend Northern Arizona University with a major in business economics and minor in international business, play collegiate soccer, and become an investment banker

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