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El Camino players cleared to play by trainers

09/28/2012, 11:28pm PDT
By Craig Malveaux

About a dozen El Camino High football players contracted a contagious skin infection.

— About a dozen El Camino High football players contracted a contagious skin infection — a rash that threatened to sideline the athletes from playing in Friday’s 48-26 triumph over visiting Rancho Buena Vista.

Though unusual for a high school football team, the outbreak was not serious, according to Athletic Director Sean Helgesen, and the school took the appropriate steps.

“It was minor issue that we took care of immediately,” Helgesen said. “Once they received the antibiotics, they were OK and ready to play.”

Helgesen did not release the names of the players but said both junior varsity and varsity athletes were affected.

Rancho Buena Vista Athletic Director Marty Nellis said he was not aware of the outbreak but declined to comment further.

According to Helgesen, trainers discovered the issue earlier this week. One of the players noticed an abnormal rash on his body and visited team athletic trainers about the issue.

During the checkup, trainers determined that the rash was an infection known as impetigo, which is most commonly contracted by children.

The player was separated from the team and treated. Shortly after, each El Camino football player underwent a screening for the infection for precautionary measures.

Trainers identified those who showed signs of possible infection and were sent to the school nurse for treatment to prevent a spreading to additional players.

Because impetigo is contagious and can be spread through close contact by fabrics and other items, practice jerseys and pants received a professional wash to kill any possible bacteria.

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